We have created small committees to afford our members the opportunity to share their skills and expertise in advancing the goals of AHHRA. Committee membership is free and allows our members the ability to foster professional and meaningful relationships with their colleagues. Please share your interest in leading or joining any of the committees outlined below.

Membership Committee

This committee is responsible for growing our membership by soliciting qualified candidates and orienting them to the objectives of the Association. The committee is also in charge of preparing and publishing the Directory of Members. Committee Chair- Marlene Mauri

Program Committee

In collaboration with the Executive Committee, this committee is responsible for planning and implementing the program schedule for the current year. The committee also develops and communicates to the membership the role and value of training. Committee Chair - Bill Innes

Communications Committee

This committee is responsible for all organization related communications, including the production of the quarterly newsletter. The committee is also charged with keeping our social media platforms current and engaging, including our awesome website. The committee will also report out on any NLRB updates/ decisions, arbitration cases and other appropriate labor relations and legislative activities. This team serves as a resource to major law changes. Committee Chair- Donnette Truss

Compensation Committee

This committee is responsible for collecting and publishing an annual survey of wages, salaries and/or benefits. Committee Chair - Angelic Pla


This committee is responsible for planning, organizing and managing the Association fund raising efforts, creating campaigns and programs to subsidize expenditures and ongoing costs of the Association. The Chair of this committee shall be the primary contact for commercial members. Committee Chair- Pamela Duffy

For more information, please contact Debbie Goldman, Association Manager at (631) 864-8392, or [email protected]