The AHHRA Connection
The AHHRA Connection

2019 Membership Renewal

  “Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever.”   Mahatma Gandhi.’

March 8, 2019
Dear HR Professional;

As healthcare evolves, so too does the challenge of keeping up with the necessary changes that occur within Human Resources.  Last year, many organizations were dealing with the generational gaps, requirements in the law, technology upgrades, compliance of HR data, etc. All of these matters require effective change management, collaboration, accountability and teamwork. 
To ensure that Human Resources remain a champion of organizational excellence, this year, AHHRA will be focusing on some amazing topics that add value to everything we do.  We will also be combining some of our learning efforts in the form of workshops so that our participants can readily apply the skills they learn. 
Next, we want you to benefit from these opportunities.  Therefore, we invite you to take advantage of our competitive membership price by renewing your membership today!  If you are new to AHHRA, we welcome your partnership!   We also want you to be an AHHRA ambassador and recommend a colleague(s) to our organization.  We are an intimate bunch of professionals who care about each other's progress.

Whether you are an executive, senior leader, director, specialist, student or commercial vendor, opportunities await you!  Our educational sessions qualify for CHHR, SHRM and HRCI credits.  So log in at  and make the most of your membership.  
Opportunities that await you:
  • Educational seminars (HCRI, CHHR, SHRM credits available)
  • Workshops and conferences
  • Social events and networking opportunities
  • Access to job opportunities through position postings and networking
  • Access to expert resources from our parent organization ASHHRA
  • Connection to over 3,000 national healthcare HR professionals
  • Opportunities to leverage your skills and expertise in innovative ways
  • Compensation and benefits surveys
  • Business contacts that can result in new business opportunities
By joining AHHRA, we build lifelong professional relationships and invest in our intellectual capital.  Don’t wait, renew or become a member today!
Michelle Emmons


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